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Strategic Plan

The 2025 Strategic Plan builds on Principia’s mission, Policies, and strengths. It attempts to identify best-practice activities that should emphasize, strengthen, and protect against educational obsolescence and financial erosion. The planning efforts examined the School and College in relation to global and national economic, societal, and educational changes. In addition to improving current programs and positioning The Principia to compete more effectively in its market space, the 2025 Strategic Plan considers opportunities to broaden the institution’s markets and programs.

Who We Are

Our vision articulates our near-term destination and keeps the community on course as we strive daily to realize Principia founder Mary Kimball Morgan’s ideal of the Christ-idea in education.

How You Can Help

We welcome your feedback and your prayerful support for Principia’s strategic plan! As Principia founder Mary Kimball Morgan noted in 1940, “We must do everything from the standpoint of demonstration, in which infinite wisdom is the impelling force” (Education at The Principia, p. 126).

All alumni and friends are invited to participate in Principia’s progress.

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